There is An Elephant in my Closet!

by Kreistina
(Thornhill, ON, Canada)

While lying in my bed last night, I thought I heard a snore,
Sleeping for me you see, was a very hard chore,
Oh what, I thought, could be in there that gives me such a fright?
Then suddenly I saw a very strong and bright white light,
I crept from 'neath the comforter and grabbed my baseball bat,
I opened the door and a big fat cat chased a rat,
I placed a trembling hand upon the closet door,
I got too scared that I fell flat on the floor.
Good grief! I yelled, An elephant! Is this some kind of joke?
There he stood while drinking a very cold bottle of coke,
He's made a nest from underwear, old jeans, and dirty socks,
I can't believe he said something I cant believe he talks,
Oh mom will not approve of this, I'm not allowed a pet,
But how am I going to get this big old pet to the vet?
Perhaps I'll keep him anyway and feed him peanut butter,
He will go to sleep in the big old and creepy gutter,
And he can learn to fetch a stick, roll over, and play dead,
And every night when I'm in bed, he'll sleep down by my feet.

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