There Once Was A Wizard . . .

by Sydney Darnell
(Inland Empire, California)

Sydney Darnell

There once was a Wizard
Who had a pet Lizard
They lived in a castle high up on a hill;

Creating illusions
Manufacturing confusions
Their intentions intended to create a new thrill.

Wands filled with sprinkles
And luminous twinkles
That soared through the air like a colorful bird;

The Wiz madly twirled
While Liz happily whirled
Dancing ‘round and about with each spoken word.

Hocusy-Pocusy wisped the Wiz
Alagoozoops hissed the Liz
Nimminy Pimminy mystical magical fun;

Fantasies became real
Oh, to touch and to feel
Day and night schemes of what was to come.

Wiz conjured up dreams
Of beautiful scenes
With dragons and damsels alike;

Liz did not know why
Wiz would not even try
To explain the gazelle who was riding a trike.

The sky looked so funny
Raining candy and money
Then cleared to a glorious blue;

Animals giggled
Dancing girls wiggled
And then they paired off two by two.

Each one danced the Samba
Lined up for the Conga
The Bunny Hop, Charleston and Twist;

Then the sun smiled down
On the clown's golden crown
Not to mention the jewels on his wrist.

Wiz's magic wore ‘way
At the end of the day
And vanished as if in a hurry;

Everyone simply poof-eled
Everything merely woof-eld
Leaving Liz's head twisted in flurry.

Is that all there is?
Asked the Liz to the Wiz
Then a tear dropped from his reptilian eye;

There's no need to pout
Now wipe your old snout
You're a Lizard and Lizards don't cry.

Then show me some humor
Start with a new rumor
Why not marry a cat and a dog;

The wedding was great
Wiz drank and Liz ate
When kissed the cat switched into a frog.

The dog barked out loud
And frightened the crowd
Even though it was all an illusion;

Wiz said "that's enough
Things are getting too rough
I must bring about a rapid conclusion".

Little eyes became beady
Indeed Liz had grown greedy
He did not want the party to stop;

He huffed and then puffed
He brewed and then stewed
And spun ‘round on his tail like a top.

He lashed out at the Wizard
Unlike a pet Lizard
Was this to be their last magical ball?

Liz stiffened his back
Grabbed his hat off the rack
Beat his tail six times against the wall.

Wiz grew very tired
Of the way Liz was wired
Now it was time to issue directions;

Wiz stayed consistent
As Liz grew more resistant
Over the crystal balls relentless reflections.

Deep within the crystal sphere
Visions become clearly clear
Wiz must do what had worked before;

First to teach his student
Multiple ways to be prudent
Without getting his tail caught in the door.

But alas, Liz would not bend
He would not let it end
There was nothing to life without magic.

Wiz waved his right hand
Preparing his final stand
What followed was the opposite of tragic.

A dash of yellow and blue
A pinch of passionate pink too
A spectrum of reddish orange and green;

Wiz painted Liz' mood
So that he was a cool dude
Never again to be insensitive or mean.

In all sorts of weather
They still do tricks together
Putting on magical balls just for fun;

Someday you will meet them
And as soon as you greet them
You'll see the Wizard and Lizard are one.

Series of There Once Was A . . . (c)
1990-2013 and still rhyming.

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