These Moments........(Woh Lamhe......)

by Wilyne Belizaire
(Lakeland, Fl, America)

How much I love him!
I love him to the end of my heartbeat
to the end of my name!
I love him like a fresh heartbeat
that pounds until it's end;
until it's absorbed in love,
leaking with it.
When I see him and my eyes meet his,
I feel that my heart skips a beat...
and my eyes turn this way and that WAY,
not knowing how to deal with the pressure of
when two eyes heartbeat when they meet!
His eyes are so beautiful
with green irises and raptures of intensity
and I fall in love with them.
Fearful that I might get stuck inside them
I gently drop my eyes and
peer innocently to the sides at my mother
brandished with the intensity
of his eyes in my brain.
My mom talks, as if everything's okay,
and I listen to her and finally
comprehension enters within me and
he laughs in a way that shows
he's really enjoying the conversation,
but how will he REALLY get the conversation going?
Then he approaches my sister
and she joyfully tells of her experiences
as I listen to her fondly!
We all look at him eager to see what
he's going to say
and he then says what
we've been so longing to hear!
Then I look over at my mom enrapt in her conversation
and I notice his eyes on mine as
he observes at me amid glance
with rapture & keen curiosity.
I knowingly switch glances
and we listen to my sister once again.
Then he tells us about his college
and I ask him what college is he going to? Unknowing that my sister had latched on to me
& saw that I was asking,
because I like him!
However to him, I make it seem, that
I was just interested in the college,
because it was near his house.
And then I noticed I could tell he noticed,
why don't I ever look in his eyes?
At first, I just thought
it was a comfort thing,
that my eyes didn't really
pay THAT much attention to it,
but I decided, why not?
I stuck my feet out of my comfort zone
and into his environment of green irises!
After all, the Beneficial book says that, "There's no real connection without the connection of the eyes!"
"Could I be able to do it?"
"What would happen if I did?"
And then I look up in his eyes and
I feel as I'm going to drown in quicksand.
I try not to get stuck in the green irises,
so out of habit, I swerve my eyes back
to my sister and her conversation.
Then, regretfully, he tells us goodbye
and I feel as if life is over
and he shakes our hands to leave!
When he extends his hand out to me..
I nervously claim his and he gives me that look
like I'm going to get sucked in!
And so I nervously snatch my hand away
and walk away from him,
my heart half happy,
half regretful
that I can't steal him away!
And I carry the memories off with me.........
these moments (Woh Lamhe)
You know how it goes;
replaying the memories repeatedly
over and over in my head, with fondness......!

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