These People

by Amie Yenerall
(San Berndardino, CA )

Sometimes there are people who come into our lives during rocky times

Yet once the rocky times are over, they're still right here we find.

They become a part of who we are never will we be the same..

Often times we wonder who sent them or the reason that they came??

We thank the Lord in Heaven for sending them our way, when their purpose has been served they are quickly on their way.. yet there are others who have made a life and this is where they'll stay.

They show us how to live a peaceful and non-dramatic life......

We settle down becoming someone's husband or sometimes someones wife.

These people who come into our worlds and turn them completely upside down......

Are real people with real hearts you should always keep around.

November 2,2006

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by: Amanda Jane Smith

Well thought out poem,Your very talented.

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