'They say...'

by Manya Singh Patel
(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

They say they know who I am,
I say they don't.
They say they know what I am,
I say they don't.

They think they know
exactly what I'm going through,
and they path that I'm onto.
I say nothing.

They take decisions for me,
Will they do my missions for me?

I say to myself,
Don't lose hope in anything,
They look at me like I'm nothing.

They say I'm useless,
that I'm hopeless.
Sometimes I feel it too.

They think I'm lying,
When I'm really crying.
But deep inside,
I'm dying.

They don't know what's it like,
To live a day in my life,
With all those grudges and feelings
Deep inside.

They'll never know the pain,
They'll always think of the gain.

They wonder about me
But why?
I'm just like a rock,
Aren't I?

They say,
They say a lot.
And I listen

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