Things Collected

by Esther Thornburg
(Cantril, Iowa USA)

Who is the collector?
Things saved, protected,
Organized well
Stories it tells.

Many pencils, from days before.
Is one like yours?
A message it provides
Written on its sides.

Collector’s tractors restored
A Deere, a Massey, a Ford.
Polished to shine
Top of the line.

Book shelf is filled
Great thoughts still.
Choice books they’ve read
Remember what they said.

Picture covered cookie cans
Ignite a childhood plan.
Decoration above a cabinet shelf
But not for ‘help yourself’.

Quilt pieces, a bright stash,
Not colors that clash.
Stitches on display
A gift when needed, someday.

Blossom lined window sill.
Flowers blooming still
Violets of many shades
Lined up, as on parade.

Before time is gone
Collections should move on.
They were fun to save
It is information they gave.


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