When I think of you dearest Mother
I beam with happiness and with pride
For you’ve always been a source of comfort
You have always been by my side

You told me always be respectful
To everyone you meet
Not caring if they are shameful
And having no shoes upon their feet

You said be kind and understanding
And don’t always walk away
Cause the problems others are facing
Might just be yours come one day

Have patience! You often said with love
Nothing before its time
The force that reigns from up above
Controls the ties that bind

Live life to your fullest contentment
Always reaching for the stars
But leave room for disappointment
It can strengthen who you are

Give thanks for each achievement
No matter how great how small
Cause it could have been your bereavement
Then you won’t be standing at all

Oh! Mother! Your words of wisdom
Are boldly etched upon my heart
From that first day you held me to your bosom
Until forever never to depart.

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