Waiting by the Window 

                                                                    Waiting by the Window by by Carl Vilhelm Holsøe

We sometimes find ourselves sinking into our thoughts when we are all alone. The Thinking of You Poems collection by the writers at My Word Wizard explore these precious moments when we have the time to dwell on those we love most in our lives.

Whether lover, friend, or member of your family, their images fill you with warmth, love, and perhaps even yearning. We hope after reading some of the verses below, you will be inspired to write your own reflections on how you feel about the special people in your life. They will be so pleased that you did.

Express yourself with some inspiring words from our writers.

When I'm Thinking of You

All the time when you’re close
And especially When you’re far,
I’m thinking of you.
When I laugh and when I cry.
When I say hi
Or even a solemn goodbye –
I am thinking of you.
When the world doesn’t seem fair,
I know at least one person cares.
Then I'm thinking of you.

Small Reminders

I was sitting in the grass
Looking up at the sky
When a beautiful rainbow caught my eye.
I thought about you and our first date
And a loving smile crossed my face.

I was channel surfing and saw your favorite show.
I can still hear you laughing.
About what?
I don't know.

What I realize as I go about my way
Is that I’m always thinking of you,
Every moment of each day.

Thoughts of You

Do you know what makes me laugh?
Thinking about a bad joke you told.
Do you know what makes me cheerful?
Thinking about how loving you are
Do you know what makes me smile?
Thinking about you coming home to me.
Thoughts of you
Change my entire day
By making it better.

My Day

With each passing day
That we are together
I find myself thinking more and more about you.
Finding it hard to stay focused,
I keep thinking about your face.
That’s mostly how I spend my day.
Thinking about you.
I have the hardest time concentrating
On my tasks at work,
But I have no problem
Thinking about you.

How I Think of You

My brain is divided into three compartments.
The most secure area stores the memory of your face.
Above all things, I keep that safe.
A room with a sliding door
Holds all the cute things you say.
Around my head,
They move freely through the day.
The last section is reserved
For all the things you love.
I keep those near and dear.
This is how I think of you
In the recesses of my mind.
This is how I think of you
100% of the time.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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