This Dark Place Within My Soul

by I'm Fine
(Under The Surface, Drowning...)

I came to this dark place,
this place within my soul
A lake of cold red blood
shows me that I'm a fool
Ashes remaining warm
from the fire that died
Long ago in my heart left a hole I can't hide
Black roses on the ground
half burned by my anger
By my passion for her
I can't hold much longer
Petals flying around in the wind of my hate 
That is consuming me
as if it is my fate 
A tear crashed on the ground
slowly landing in dirt
That's covering my mind
I won't admit it hurt
Black trees drifting away
now fading from my sight 
Reminds of the day I thought
that I could fight
My tragic fate in love
with the blood from my heart 
When the boat will arrive
my last journey will start
I'm waiting for the way
to finally cross my Stix 
And a demon will sing to me
sweet Six Six Six
I will take in my heart
or more what's left of it 
And then I will arrive
in a place I can fit
He finally arrives
and makes me get on board 
Still singing in the dark
the music from his lord
We're now slowly sailing
on the lake of my pain
That I filled with the blood
that flowed from my vein 
I put my hand in it
and the cold surprised me 
And it made my hand numb
blood drops falling slowly  
I caught a piece of glass
floating among other
I tried to look through it
but couldn't see further 
Then the end of the boat
right through that shattered glass 
The demon was standing
and following the path
I can't wait to arrive
and to start this new life
So my body won't hurt
and won't endure this knife
We finally arrive
we're on the other side
To this place where my pain
I will not need to hide
It's dark and confusing
but the dark beacons me
The black clouds in the sky
I am trying to see 
The black sand on the ground
warms up my naked feet 
Tears flowing are mixing
with the sweat from the heat 
And I'm starting to walk
to where my pain will stop 
This knife still stabbed in me
my god will make it drop 
Disappear in the sand
so it cannot be found 
I can tell that I'm near
'cause I'm hearing the sound
Of a dark deadly song
that Satan sings so well 
This king of the damned
an angel that has fell 
Is so full of beauty
of heart and of kindness
But you have to give him your soul
and nothing less
In order to be freed
from the pain that won't leave
If you don't get his help
he will not let you live
I finally arrive
he is in front of me
This dark fallen angel
and his wings I can see
Deployed in his back
he's sitting on a throne
Still singing his cursed song
but in a lovely tone
We talk about my pain
the reason why I'm here
And then he beckons me
and asks me to sit near
His throne and to deploy
my black wings in the air
He tells me that I am the angel of despair
Of pain and deadly love,
the angel of passion 
My pain is stopping
now the knife is in prison
I now sit on his right
and deploy my black wings
I start singing with his him
the song he always sings
From this dark place within
my soul I'm sitting in
I watch people hurting
always because of love
Of passion and of hate
I will try to resolve
This problem and to heal
from the malediction 
The cursed ones suffering
because of their passion
I am watching this world
don't worry about pain 
I will take yours with me
and it will be my chain
I'm the passion angel
hurting for everyone
But I don't feel my pain
it's as if there is none

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Jun 23, 2017
This Dark Place Within My Soul NEW
by: Anonymous

Cross the road and open the door.

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