This Is a Girl

by Catalina
(Somewhere on Earth)

This is a girl.
She looks bright, filled with happiness, shining like the sun.
She looks calm, at peace inside, serene like the moon.
But she's not.

Inside her head it's always night,
It's always dark,
It's never fine.

The darkness surrounds her,
Light never found her;
Everything's black,
Black as can be.

She does her best to do good,
She does her best to be nice,
But at home, she can never rest.
All she can do is fight;

Fight the darkness that pervades her light,
The darkness that ruins all that is right.
The darkness that is her constant battle,
Rushing to the front of the line,
Always attacking,
Never slacking,
Troops without end,
No defense that bends to her will.

Her city walls have fallen down,
Her strong border of fire's been extinguished,
There's nothing she can do but stand back
And watch her world fall to pieces.

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