'This is Me'

by Manya Singh Patel
(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

I got my head in my heart.
No matter what they say,
I sure am a piece of art.
I don’t even give a shit so,
Think whatever you may.

It’ll take a miracle to change me.
So, I’ll wait for others to be ready for a person like me.
Or, I’ll wait for that miracle to reach me.

Let them talk if they’re gonna,
I’ll do what I wanna.
Let them talk.
Let them talk.

Whatever you say,
I’ll never let my pain turn into hate.
Stop worrying, I’ll reach my destiny,
But at what rate?

Will it ever be worth it?
Worth the wait?

Who knows,
Someday, I’m gonna go off like a timebomb.

Sea may rise,
Sky may fall.
I’ll never turn as cold as ice,
Even though I weep forever more.

I’ll be as real as I can be.
You have to understand,
Real people aren’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real.
I say perfection Is not for me.

So, this is me.
A stupid but happy teen.
I get it, if you don’t like me,
But why do you have to be so mean?!

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Stupid, Happy Teen
by: Anonymous

No perfect humans, but a perfect poem. I love this. Keep writing more. Refine your vocabulary and try new words. Expecting see more of you.

by: Anonymous

A beautiful poem by a beautiful person

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