This is why

by Channa (Chi)

This is why I am who I am:

The mask I wear when out in public, is from those who don't understand

The tears I shed, they were from the words of hate, of hurt, of anger

The taste of hate, of sorrow, of fear...I still taste them after so many years

I know others are blind to see the real me, why do you not open them?

The lies...the LIES about me spread through the school, you all who hold all are not cool

The cruelness of others toward me, they never think, they never knew who I really am because they refuse to see the true me.

I remain alone despite what others say, I guess I will be like this for the rest of my days.

So thanks to all of you who made me this way, I know my truths, but do you? you all are blind and deaf to how I feel because you never see or hear. You never THINK about how I would feel, how I would become this mess of emotions.

My scars run deep, but my heart remains. No matter how much I hurt, no matter how many times I am torn down, I will always remain standing not just for myself, but for those who need someone like me.

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