This World's Creation

by William Gonzalez

As I look at this world's creation, I can't help but fall in love,
From the amazing precious beauty from the Earth and stars above.

Like a passing cloud that thunders loud and rains upon Earths surface,
To all the plants and trees that provide us food, everything will serve God's purpose.

Like the birds that sing and the bells that ring, to declare their makers praise,
To the moon at night and Suns morning light, that emits it's brilliant rays.

Like a flowing river from the mountains pillar, this whole world reveals God's glory.
To the inspired word that speaks the truth and tells all about God's story.

This amazing beauty in God's creation, has given me exceeding gratitude and appreciation.
And even though this world is temporary and to heaven it can't compare,
It's intricate design has God's plan in mind and I can't help but embrace and stare.

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