Those Dam Trolls

by matthew scott harris
(bryn mawr, pa, usa.)

disguised put troll troop rules.

disguised put troll troop rules.

Hard vulcanized rubber imaginatively winced
with Cheshire cat grin evoking y'haul
as a Thom boy, the toy troll
illusory virtuous vibrancy of cloned compact mere inches tall
come back now - so ike kin save er yar soul
which invisible essence smaller than a cube bah roll
n against friction, thence haltingly lurching frisson marking up Paul
vaulting on par with a marvel super man comic con creation with opal
s scent eyes piercing silence of the lambs with ventriloquist caterwaul
such favorite indestructible hard core Thomas Dam carved bare all
crude cream-colored Hottentot like hobbits appeared to extol
therefore experienced little injury when infrequently prone to fall
this innocent pudgy pint size inhabitants from some island country atoll
with their long frizzy horsehair appeared droll
that could be wrapped round their little plump body akin to a boll
Weevil scrunched into a dense hardened roll
parodied an asymmetric ball guaranteed not to bounce for self-protection
against being stomped on by a giant doll
where British bobby beastie boys ganged up
and arrested the life size costumed catchpoll
the protagonist in a rather scary fairy tale
(amidst where the wild things throve)
conjured as a pump per nickel back stabbing moll
donned as a trumpeting mole hiding out of sight under a bridge
ready to pounce billy goat gruff demanding gate toll
amp pull fee to purchase without resistance from volt a mort erbol
elixir to serve as a tonic, salve or cure all albeit universal.

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