Thoughts of You.....

by Christina ann odell
(fayetteville , arkansas uninted states)

Thoughts of you ..... They never leave my mind ... I am always thinking of you all of the time ...Even when there are important things to get done...You're in my every thought my #1... I could never get tired of thinking of you & you're sweet taste... The dimples in you're cheeks ...or the smile on you're face ... I LOVE YOU'RE SOFT LIPS & the way that we kiss... THOUGHTS OF YOU remind me of this ... Thoughts of you bring me pure happiness ... not to mention the smile that it brings upon my face ..... when i think of you everything else disappears except my Thoughts of you of course ....The very first Thought that i have whenever i awake each morning ... Whenever i open my eyes You are the first person i see & baby that brings so much joy to me... I am happy with you & it seems that you are happy with me ... I THINK OF YOU ALL DAY LONG EVEN IF YOU ARE SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME ...THOUGHTS OF YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE ... I wonder if you are thinking of me & if i stay on you're mind ...I wonder how you feel about me & if you're feelings are the same as mine.....sometimes i wish you could read my mind so that you could see these thoughts of mine so you'd know that i'm not lying ...everything that you want, so do i ... my feelings are very strong for you this there is no denying ....THOUGHTS, THOUGHTS & MORE THOUGHTS OF YOU ONLY MAKE THEM STRONGER I DON'T KNOW IF THEY'LL BE IN MY CONTROL VERY MUCH LONGER ....I've got a sweet tooth & it's you that i crave ....THOUGHTS OF YOU ... SO STRONG THE SWEETNESS I CAN TASTE BABY I NEVER WANT THESE THOUGHTS OF YOU TO EVER GO AWAY.........FOREVER I'LL HAVE THOUGHTS OF YOU ... I AM ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU BUT FOR NOW I'LL SAY GOODBYE ....BUT NEVER FOREVER BABE YOU'RE ALWAYS ON MY MIND.......

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