Three Billy Goat's Gruff

by J. Elin

Once upon a time on the side of a hill

There lived three goats gruff that were all called Bill.

They decided to travel across the bridge

To eat some green grass on a nearby ridge.

The trouble was for the Billy Goats Gruff

Crossing the big bridge was extremely tough.

Because under the bridge there lived a fierce troll

Who was often seen about on patrol.

One hot day the youngest Billy Goats Gruff

Decided that's it, he has just had enough.

Clippety, clippety, Clippety, clop.

He crossed the bridge with a skip and a hop.

From under the bridge out came the large troll

His heart was black and his eyes were like coal.

His very sharp fangs were terribly scary

And his body was incredibly hairy.

"Who's that crossing my big bridge?" he said

He looked very angry and his face was red.

"Oh kind Mr Troll, please, please let me pass

I am only going to eat some sweet grass".

"Look at me, I'm too small for you to eat

Wait for my brother he has got more meat."

The troll looked and said "Alright, off you go

I suppose I can wait for you to grow."

One hot day the middle billy goats gruff

Decided to cross the bridge in a huff.

Clippety, Clippety, clippety, clop

He crossed the bridge with a skip and a hop.

Out from the bridge, from the cold dead of night

Came the ugly fierce troll with sheer delight

Who's that crossing my bridge? he growled

His eyes were glowing and his forehead scowled

"Oh please, don't eat me? the middle goat replied

"All I want is to get to the other side.

Please, please, let me go? he said with vigour

Do you not know my brother is bigger?"

The nasty troll agreed that time he could bide

And off middle goat skipped to the other side.

One hot day the biggest billy goats gruff

Crossed the big bridge as he was feeling tough.

Clippety, Clippety, clippety clop

He crossed the bridge with a skip and a hop.

From under the bridge the fierce troll jumped out

He gave a big scream and even louder shout.

"Finally I am on to a winner

I'm going to eat you for my dinner."

The biggest billy goat gruff stood and stared

His nostrils suddenly began to flare

He tossed the troll right into the stream

The troll was frightened and gave a loud scream

The goat trotted in triumph over the bridge

And joined his brothers on the green grassy ridge.

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by: Anonymous

this is good

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