Tiger on the Prowl.

by Thomas Vaughan Jones
(Liverpool UK)

The Tiger flicked his whiskers and he smiled maliciously
He was feeling rather hungry and considering his tea;
His appetite was raging so his heart was filled with joy,
When, with eyesight most splendiferous, he saw a tasty boy.

His stomach growled approvingly. He felt this dark design
that told him indisputably that it was time to dine.
With giant strides he stalked his prey, this striped malicious cad,
anticipating dinner with a sweetly tender lad.

This little boy was foolish and just would not go to bed.
He preferred his new computer and computer games instead
so it’s very understandable to see it wasn’t hard
to toddle up and catch him, for he wasn’t on his guard.

He wriggled most dejectedly within the Tiger’s claws,
and he didn't feel too happy when he saw the Tiger’s jaws,
for the Tiger opened wide his mouth to show his Tiger Teeth
with a Tiger’s tongue that nestled in the cavern just beneath.

“I’ve come to eat you, little lad, I know you think it’s tragic
But you really shouldn't meddle with a tiger who is magic.”
The boy cried out “It’s very late, I’m only half awake
You’ll find me indigestible, I’ll give you tummy ache.”

The Tiger pondered for a while. The boy thought ‘Will he buy it? ’
The Tiger, by good fortune, had just started on a diet.
He bit a boyish finger and he gave a growl, “OK!
I’ll chew on this a little, and then I’ll be on my way.

Just promise me that you will never say another word,
for a splendid child is silent, often seen, but seldom heard.”

But a boy’s a boy, that’s obvious, and maybe by September
the Tiger will come back again to help him to remember.

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