Time To Hit The Scales

by Tracey Bellamy

I went to buy a new frock
And squeezed into a large
I thought I'd gained a bit of weight
But I looked like a barge

I held my tummy in a bit
Pulled on my high heeled boots
But nothing seemed to hide the flab
So I bought one of those body suits

It seemed to hide a pound or two
Well hello new best friend
Until I turned to view the back
And spotted my huge rear end

I felt so ashamed
I've seen smaller whales
Time to take a deep breath
And hop on to the scales

No more carbs, cakes or chocolate
No more midnight walnut whips
Hand burgers for my dinner
With a big fat plate of chips

I'd like to try new clothes on
And enjoy the view
Now I see why people ask
When's your baby due

I need to get a grip
Salad bar here I come
Next dress I go to buy
Will highlight my tiny bum

Time to nip this in the bud
I'm going to go hell bent
To drop this excess weight
Or I'll have to shop at rent a tent

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