Time To Shine

by Nicky Marinkovic
(Leeds, United Kingdom)

In life there will be moments, for everyone to shine
So follow all you dream of; don't waste precious time
Seize every opportunity which may come your way
Have faith in all you do and everything will be okay

Don't dwell on past mistakes that you may have made
It’s just a part of who you are; be proud, not ashamed
For you have special qualities, that make you unique
Pursue all you aspire to; be confident in all you seek

You deserve the best in life and all that it can give
Do not settle for second best or be just happy with.....
Your destiny belongs to you; dreams that you follow
May lead to great things and a chance for you to show

That you have what it takes, to be the one to succeed
Embrace all that you fear and you will start to believe
In life you can be anything; that you may want to be
Walk tall with your head held high; value all you see

Don’t be taken for granted; for the person that you are
This is your time to shine, believe that you can go far
You're worth it in every aspect, be sure that you know
Be kind to those around you, for we reap what we sow

You may take knocks sometimes, as in life we all do
Just pick yourself back up and then continue to pursue
It is your time to shine, be strong; please don't delay
Do not be disregarded as you have a right to your say

Your opinion does matter; it shows how you feel inside
The future is your journey and one that you can decide
The path that you choose to follow only you can define

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