by Debbie Compton-Boudreaux
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Without warning, you left me.
I kept saying to you that time is short.
I knew it was coming, but I wanted to evade the inevitable.
Fate brought us together…You are Me and I am You.
Can you hear me? Time has always been short.

Fate brought together in this world and in all past worlds.
How so I tempted Fate instead of altering it.
You still could have told me instead of just disappearing.
I only wanted to be with you…nothing more, nothing less.
Time was always short.

My eyes burn from their ceaseless tears.
The stress, the headaches, the worry, the pain.
I have always told you I am alone in this world but that I am not lonely.
I now know what lonely feels like.
They say time heals…that incessant time.

I tempted Fate and lost.
My chest hurts and my heart is breaking.
You said you would always be honest with me.
You left me without warning…even though you told me you would go.
I knew it was coming…you knew your time was short.

I bared my soul to you.
I gave you what was priceless to me.
I told you my secrets…gave you my stories.
With sounds of booming thunder, the clock continued to tick.
Toward that inevitable end of time.

I still gave you time to think, to change your mind.
To really think about not leaving me alone.
I am so alone, now lonely, in this world.
My heart is going to explode in my chest.
The pain caused by what time has taken away.

I gave you what was precious to me.
I gave you my soul and all the souls within me.
My gift to you was, is, my unconditional love.
I fell in love with you so many lifetimes ago.
But what is time when we have no concept of time?

I fell in love with you long before we actually met.
You were in my dreams since I was a small child.
All I had to do was wait for you, and I waited for your arrival.
I was at peace knowing and yet so fearful of what was to come.
We both knew about how precious time was.

What is time?
Is it one day? Or, a thousand years?
Then I finally met you…saw you in this physical form.
It only took a second, a split second, to take my breath away.
Because time is nothing but seconds.

You left me anyway.
You left me alone.
You left me with heartache.
You made me feel loneliness.
Why didn't you take me with you?

Why didn't you take me with you?
Why didn't you?
Time is short.
Time has always been short.

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Oct 13, 2016
I feel your pain
by: Cpt (Ret) Stewart

I have witnessed this too many times. Your words really struck home.

I hope life is better for you today.

Jun 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

I cried when I read this poem. Gave me an in-depth insite into abandonment.

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