by Kakra Koomson

One of my published poems.

Time time time..
Why have you forsaken me.
To what wrong did I do or my crime..
You were always there for me in my training days.
Now you've turned your back against me leaving me with no dime.
I wish I could still borrow some part of you.
Is it my fault or a clause in your bargain.
I take double steps to catch up, but u keep flying..
Your favourite quote still re- echoes in my ears..
"you can't have me, but you can make me"
You should have told me ,
That I will lose friends..
That I will start giving excuses..
That I will not sleep
That my days will seem shorter, my years faster.
I'm losing it!!!
Please don't leave me!
Don't be scarce!!
Because I need you.
My relationship is on the verge of collapse..
My best friend Jenny keeps on complaining..
Dad and mum hardly see my face, yet I live with them.
I can't even take a nap on the Holy day!
I don't know Holidays..
Can't describe a weekend!
Just don't leave me..
I know it's just a matter of you.
Do grant me audience My good old friend.
Best regards,

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