by Valerie Brooklyn Rogers
(Brooklyn, NY)

Such a sense of time.
Sometimes I get motion sickness just
Reminiscing about its flight.
Rhythm knows it's ticking.
It must be puzzling to realize it's
Only half past the last time.

How slow it goes just when you
need it to run
Woefully ticking by a
Nanosecond at a time.

Sometimes simply staying
Past the quarters on the
Face bring good luck or
Maybe good tidings and
Good grace.

Sometimes it remembers
It's not a clock
If only we could see
This thing called time
For what it's not.

At times it's sure to be
Forgetful accounting it
Forgot. Regretful. Sing
Out loud a lot.

It passes the time
Sometimes rhythmically
Regretful rendering
Time obsolete
Think not Complete

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