by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

From the upcoming book 'Confliction' by Majezty Carlos Navarro. Coming 2014...

Further and further I drift away from family,
isolating myself in a sea that is home to Greed,
Jealousy, Envy, and Hatred;
the ones who love me stayed behind for they
did not want to see me go down this path.
Without their teachings and wisdom I am destined to make mistakes,
but with those mistakes I am destined to grow,
God’s Son, He follows me wherever I go, but He is absent
in the presence of sin;
I dare ask you, “Am I then sinkable in these harsh waters?”
Deeper I sink into Darkness that which lies within me,
but is my Darkness truly Dark for it was formed after I began war
with the Devil so it fights for God and I,
or do you, those who believe they are able to cast the first stone,
do you believe with this Darkness, I am not truly with God?
I have my beliefs, but I’ll let Him be the Judge.
Continue on with your voyage and sail away as I begin to drown
beneath these wicked ways,
I break apart and slowly succumb to what I have become,
a Man inevitable to sin.
May God forgive me of my sin and may He bless You down the way,
as I sink to the bottom and the World hopes for me to once rise again…

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