To Be Bullied......

by Nicky Marinkovic
(Leeds, United Kingdom)

To be bullied by anyone is demeaning and so cruel
It’s wrong, now how would you feel. if that was you?

Too ashamed to speak up or tell somebody you know
The pain that you are in and why you’re feeling so low

To hide away in your room, maybe not attend school
To be nervous of everyone or made to feel like a fool

To be put down and even start to believe all they say
When you feel intimidated, scared and dread everyday

What would you do, how could you try make this stop
Find the courage within, so you could get back on top

When you dislike yourself and the way that you feel
Or you’re anxiously awaiting the next terrible ordeal

To be bullied by anyone; can slowly eat away at you
You question everything but what else can you do?

Try to believe in yourself, speak to someone you trust
Put a stop to these bullies for they are merely locust

Sadly they feed off, people’s vulnerability and tears
Cowards who get satisfaction, when you are in fear
You are strong and you don’t deserve what they do
Find somebody to confide in, so they can help you

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Feb 26, 2017
To Be Bullied.... NEW
by: Anonymous

Bullies are very weak insecure cowardly individuals.I can relate to your poem.Thank you I liked it very much.

Nov 16, 2011
by: The Editors

Dear BAM,

We are not sure if you will receive this, but you submitted your comments twice. We deleted one of your identical comments, but accidentally pressed the wrong button and you may have been banned from making further comments.

Please accept our sincerest apologies as it was entirely accidental. If you like you may write us at and we will try to resolve the situation.

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Warmest regards.

My Word Wizard

Nov 16, 2011
by: BAM

Bullying is so prevalent and so hard. It's one of childhood's biggest fears. It can destroy a person and make them fearful of participating in life unless they can find a safe place.
You've encouraged people in a positive way to find a safe person.

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