To be in Love

by Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna)
(New Zealand)

To be in Love is like a Fairytale. You never quite wake up from it....

To be in Love is like a Fairytale. You never quite wake up from it....

Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna) on Feb 26, 2011

The feeling of being in love is amazing and you even dance in their arms when they are not around… It transcends the boundary of Nation, Colour, Caste and Religion….

To close your eyes and feel their presence,
The kiss upon your lips.
To touch their face with your hands,
They they give you tips.

For they are the ones you feel in you,
When you are so in love.
To feel their presence in your heart,
And thank Creation up Above.

For that is what love is to me,
To romance with my lover.
To feel their presence just each day,
Forever in their thoughts hover.

For it feels like as if you are dancing,
With a spirit that is on high.
It is almost like romancing,
That helps you touch the sky.

For when you are really in love with a person,
The one of your every day dream.
They leave a great mindful impression,
How life and love does seem.

For you give everything in you,
To say I love you true.
You walk hand in hand romantically,
Enough to say I do.

For that is how I feel in love,
Its a gift I had once given away.
To dedicate my life to the little dove,
No matter what people say.

For it is a different kind of union I see,
For you are near yet far.
You seem to really understand in me,
As a person not a fast car.

For when you love a person as they are,
You bring out the best in them.
For love is more than just the stem,
It is their nature that is in them.

For what they are is in their eyes,
It builds the energy ties.
For they to feel the touch and your cries,
When you search their loving eyes.

For holding them close is just an expression,
Of The Way they make you Feel.
It is the magic of that scent and touch,
That really helps you heal.

For what you do is not a game,
It is love for sure.
For they are loved in heart, mind and soul,
And expressed in bodily flow.

For that is the essence of being in love,
Not just moving in rhythm.
That impression of loving one perfectly,
Despite their past imperfection.

That is when true love dawns,
For you do it All for Love.
To study each and every action of theirs,
And pray to Creation Above.

To guide and guard them and keep them safe,
To be the shining light in soul.
To learn to differentiate the good and bad,
Asking Creation to heal and make you whole.

For that is when your efforts pay off,
For you are willing to change.
To bring out the best of that former YOU,
When you think you are going strange.

For that is what it means to change,
To make you feel a lot better.
To keep your life and love within range,
And to do it for your son and daughter.

However you need to weigh the pros and cons,
To keep a healthy environment.
The one devoid of perpetual hurtful scorns,
And filled with the true life’s covenant.

For that is when you will see your family,
Learning to live in love.
That is when you teach them the REAL values of life,
With the gifts from the ONE Above.

Love doesn’t mean total sacrifice,
It means give and take.
With utmost affection and understanding,
Which is true and never fake.

For there is no essence in clinging and holding,
You will see love slip away.
It comes from trust and emotional bonding,
That helps that person stay.

For that is when you say the I Love You,
Not just in words of that kind.
You blend with them in mind and hue,
And make an impression in the mind.

That is how it feels to love,
Its a blessing from Creation.
It is a gift bestowed from Above,
Irrespective of colour, religion or nation.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 27th February 2011

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