by Jay Frankston
(Little River, CA)

They came to the old one
who was enjoying his 110th year
and heard the laughter in his heart
and saw the twinkle in his eyes
and they asked him for the secret
of his long and healthy life.
“I could tell you that I did yoga
to keep my body in shape, and I did.
That I kept my temper tucked away in my sleeve.
That I followed the rhythm of my life
and never broke pace with my heart.
That it was fresh air, hard work, and clean living.
But that’s not it” he said.
Then he raised his arms over his head
snapped his fingers in rhythm
to a tune only he could hear
and led his frail body into a jig.
Then, laughing through his age, he added:
“I had nothing to do with it.
I was just lucky. That’s all!”

Now if they asked me
how we made it for 60 years
keeping love in our hearts
and joy in our lives
I could say it’s because you let me in
spreading the sheets of your life
soft and cool on hot summer nights
warm and comforting on cold winter days.
Because quietly and unobtrusively
you made room for me,
letting me feel my own breath,
letting me walk my own path,
sweeping the steps in front of me
ironing the wrinkles behind.
Because, so long ago,
you were a seed in my fertile soil
and I watched you grow into a bud, into a flower
into the fertile soil in which I am the seed.
I might say all of those things
but in truth I had nothing to do with it.
I was just lucky. That’s all!
Jay Frankston

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