To my Boyfriend- Our Story

by Madison Mamie

When I think of you,
I think of me.
We're very much closer,
Than 'just friends' would be.

I've loved you forever,
I know it's true,
For there'd be no me,
If it wasn't for you.

They say we've got soul mates,
Companions for one and all,
But I couldn't help it,
And for you I began to fall.

You had a girlfriend, but I hardly cared.
It still took you two years
Before you even dared.
After my sorrow, after all my tears,
You, my dear, began to make things clear.

It's been a long while
Since you became mine,
But certain feelings
Don't diminish from time.

I love you more
Each and every day.
Please, my love, don't ever go away.

When I think of you,
I think of me.
We'll always be closer
Than 'just friends' should be.

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