To my felon

by Anel
(Washington )

I have a little secret,
One I've had for sometime.
To nervous, to timid to speak,
Worrried about your reaction.
Will it push you away or bring you closer to me?
You're a close friend.
One of my ride or dies.
Its crazy to think what only a few words could do to our relationship.
It started as a crush a couple of years ago but as time went by it got harder to pretend you didnt make me some way.
Let me show you i can treat you right.
The thought and the imagination in my mind,
The exciting vibration flowing through my body when i have you near me.
Hypnotize by your eyes, by your looks.
Esos ojitos cafés.
Esa mirada simpre tan misteriosa.
Got me wanting to find out what your about.
Eres un frime vato.
His a hustler,
A lier,
A thief,
A real good strong muscular man.
A sexy tatted up cholo
Not giving fuck what others say,
Focus on his grind.
Riding through the street like if they were his.
Pero eso si detras de todo ese machismo ay un vato whose sweet
Carring, understanding always there for me.
Looks hard on the outside but inside ay un vato con un corazoncito
Tan hermoso anyone would be lucky to have.
Yet its filled with hate, so cold.
Let me in, let me rebuild thr broken pieces.
Let my love thaw out your heart.
Let me the one to help you get back up when you're down.
Just be my king and I'll be your queen.
Always down to go where ever you want.
Lets just drive together til we reach the dead end of our story.
You make me feel safe knowing you will always have my back and
I'll have yours.
The adrenaline feeling you give me like if the world is ours to take
Like if the moon and stars are in arms reach.
March 18
Our eyes met again.
You pulled up and asked if i was really ready for the ride.
Not knowing what i was getting into i smiled and got in.
We drove around talking about memories, our present life, and our future plans til the sun cane out.
Always tryna show you im here by your side, good or bad!

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