To My Mom

by Emma Weiblen
(Gilroy, California, U.S.)

Hello, My Lovely Mom
Mommy brings great joy to me,
Stay with me, good or bad, you are very true.
Amazing, Beautiful, very Cherished and Priceless,
Such a very lovely rose, you are truly not a common rue.
Oh Mommy, you are just so very loved in the highest!
You are just so very truly beautiful, nice, sweet...
More amazing than Gandhi, or even me!!!!!
Such an accomplishment, like a tree…
Don’t know what I’m saying anymore,
Oh greatness, my queen, do you?
I just so know that one thing is
So very berry, greenie true,
I just so seriously truly
Amazingly, Not a lie
Love you Mommy
And I just really
Hope you

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