To My Rarest Rose

by Roy De Beuckelaer

To My Rarest Rose

I already loved you the day you found me.
A guiding healing light, constant and easy to see
An honest heart opened up for me.
Could it really be.
Shaken roughly back to life.
How hard it was to overcome, to believe.
My time in the dark was over, alone staring at the knife.
Something I've lost many times over to retrieve.
Small steps taken , not knowing how thick the ice
There was allot at stake, something fragile could easily break.
Being in a hard winter the ice melted in my eyes.
This was not an illusion, some trick my heart played on me, this was real not fake.
I grew in strength, allowed myself to believe.
As my heart came back to life, became once again whole.
My light awoke and lifted shadows also in you, for yourself to find, retrieve
Together by the light, by the dark you found the missing part of your soul.
As time passed, and as loving ravens we fly.
Things that once puzzled me and made me doubt all became clear.
From this moment on, I want you to know before I die.
That because of you my love, my dear.
I finally know.
That hate doesn't drive out hate.
That darkness doesn't drive out darkness.
That no matter how or what we make our own fate.
That a tear can be stopped by just a quiet meaningful caress
That words don't explain everything.
That nothing needs to change if it doesn't have to.
That our love is the most beautiful song we can sing.
That nothing has grown as dear to me as you.
That even though I had love before you, by different persons, by different artists by different songs.
That even then, in that time long past, and the memories good or bad that they bring.
That I still am sure, like written in stone that is was you my dear that I loved all along.
Come to me for embrace or shelter under my wings.
Come for love, kindness and safety.
Come to me for only for you my Ravenheart sings.
Come to me.

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