To Those Left Behind

by Dennis Fillhart
(Butler, Pa. USA)

I live far south of town
Actually a different town
Such is the greatest task
To leave a loved one in the past

The Grandfather to the East of town
Left me with one main thought
"When it's time to work, work
When it's time to play, play"

The Grandmother to the West of town
Gave me two thoughts to save
Speak well and "Never say ain't"
And don't say "too" when "also" will do

And the Father left in the North of town
Laid the principles by which I live
Though some have been altered to my style
They still flow behind my brow

The Son... The Son so far, far away
Northwest of still a different town
(I thought in a whim)
What way would he remember me
But instead, I can only remember him

Dedicated to my son Bryan
Bryan Fillhart 4/1972 - 9/1977
by Dennis Fillhart written 6/17/86

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