Together Forever

by By: Amanda

June seventeenth, you asked me to be yours.
I have never felt so happy.

From the first time we met,
my heart was set.

You were the one for me,
I could feel it way down deep.

It wasn't too long until i realized,
that i love you.

When you said you loved me i knew it was true.
I know in my heart I wanna spend the
rest of my life with you

I know that no matter what
we will make it through.

August thirteenth, was
the best day of my life.

The day you looked me in the eyes,
and asked me to be your wife.

I said yes and its the best
choice i have ever made.

I will never stop loving you
even on my dying day.

You and I will be together forever.
God made you and I for each other.

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