Tomb of Doom

by Pablo Franco
(Del aire, california, United states)

I sat in my room,
I mean my tomb of doom.
Pondering and wondering
where I'm going to go.
I saw a crow and snow began to fall
so slow as if everything was fading
and aching, asking what happened.

But then the room darkened
so I bargained
with the tall man, appalled by my sight,
he began to smite--
me with his hands and saw a bright light.
I feared he might reappear.
Banish me from what’s dear to me .
But it became clear to me but the tears
began to multiply and my fears began to endure and insure.
My insanity of being in this room or tomb.

I might fail and grow frail,
so I’ll leave a trail.
Save me from this torture inside my mind.
The missing pieces you may find.
How it got this way
What they will say makes me afraid.
Saying it was all my fault,
and throw me inside of a vault.
To dissolve like salt.
I may have to flee
or plea.
To run away from this cage,
in rage
of this misfortune.

Now I am free,
To see myself at ease

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