Too Deep in the Shadows

by Charles Muchori

I see the tears cascading down your cheeks.

I understand the pain oozing from your heart.

I hear the words coming out of your mouth

And I see that you are hurt.

But I do not feel your pain.

I have been numb from the start.

I wish i could feel what you feel.

I wish your wounds I could heal.

But I am too far gone.

Been in the shadows for far too long.

I have been too alone, for far too long,

I am afraid I have forgotten how to feel.

It is in the shadows that I belong.

Don't you think I wish I could feel?

Do you think I like causing you this pain?

But I have this void in me that you can't fill.

My heart is dead and cold so I only use my brain,

And that has become pretty hard to steal.

I am sorry that all my affections I gave away.

I am sorry i have nothing left to give you.

There is no benefit in wishing I had met you earlier,

Earlier when I was an endless pit of love,

Earlier when there were rays of sun and warmth in my heart,

As opposed to the cold ice of gray and ash that is left.

Believe me, I am as lost as you my dear.

The only thing that hurts more than unrequited love,

Is the utter inability to love back that someone who you know

Would unhesitantly give up their entire world for you.

But I have simply been gone too long.

I am simply too deep in the shadows.

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