Too Late To Say Goodbye

by Kathleen Losey
(Glouster, Ohio)

The day you left me and walked out the door,
I knew in my heart I would see you no more.
I prayed to God for you to come home,
He took you to His home instead.
On that fateful night,
I cried to hold you tight,
Even to hold your hand,
To tell you I loved you just one more time.
As you lay there dying,
On that cold hard road,
My love was with you my darling,
I want you to know.
You have been gone three long years,
I can only count the tears.
To wish up to the heaven,
To pray that you are alright.
I know you're up there fishing,
With God's Holy light.
I know it's too late to say good bye,
So I say good night, sweet dreams,
I love You.

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