Too Soon

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah , U.A.E)

There will never be anyone but you

There will never be anyone but you

See the sun shining down the lane
see those streaks of light gleaming in the sky
but you were my greatest wonder of all
to compete they couldn't even try

heartfelt pain, tearful sorrow,
meaningless grief waiting for a better tomorrow
imagining you in that red dress
my heart you’ve borrowed

I keep hoping for a miracle
one that lasts forever
one that leaves you by my side always
and takes you away never

Dying is not the solution
though even death seems joyous
worthless I may not be
but fate has dealt a blow, oh so loathsome!!

I never did forget all those moments
where your smile brightened my day
hopeless defeat seemed like eternal victory
but then your loss came my way

dear love I can’t say I’ll be there
because I’ve already broken that vow
but I do promise that you’ll stay in my heart
now and forever

Believe me baby I’ve cried a million tears
wishing to be granted just one boon
to turn back time and end my pain
when alas forever came TOO SOON………..

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look around..
by: S.K

look around.....there are things worth your attention,your compassion,your cheer,and most of all,your PRICELESS rather than looking for something that you have left on destiny,its better you claim what is yours...ALL ZE BEST:)

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