Torn to Peices

by Wabil Janjua
(Somewhere on Earth)

Fate has left me shattered
She just walked away
A million people around me
and I got caught in this fray.

Is this the reality
or is it just a dream.
Why am I so dumbfounded,
why do I want to scream.

Was it not enough
to beseech you to say,
You walked away unnoticed,
While I cried for you to say.

it wasn't your fault
it wasn't meant to be
fate tore me to pieces,
left to suffer in my misery

I pray to drown in my own tears
I wish to be taken away from this sear.
that heart left without a goodbye,
through which now stands that dazzling spear.

I dream of all the nights- would be
to carry you in my arms swiftly,
yet fate had other plans for me
left my heart torn to pieces for thee

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fate tore ....
by: S.K

If fate has torn you to pieces then,friend,it has also give you the medium to put back yourself together.Look around yourself,under the sofas,under the bed,in the drawer,there must be a glue or a tape to put back your pieces together..:)

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