by Edward Higgins
(Massachusetts, USA)

Oh Lord my hate
Could stain the air
With broken dreams
Endless nightmare

You taught the fists
That dole out pain
you hit me hard
I am the rain

Falling from the sky
Splashing on the floor
Laying here in silence
I am nothing anymore

If I was a color
I'd be a deep shade of red
So ev'ryone could see
The blood I've shed

This pain it kills
My broken hopes
It ties my noose
In toxic ropes

Beneath these poison gallows
I could hang and rest
In the poisoned shadow
I can be the best

Now these toxic hours come
To kill my very soul
Darkness soon follows
It will swallow me whole

Then that toxic daylight brakes
Through the musky scent
Of rotting bodies
And days well spent

I lay there among them
To bleed my toxic blood
So you can see
In these veins is mud

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WOW--how depressing!
by: Eve

I feel sorry for the person in this poem...I wonder what happened to make him/her so desolate? Rhyme scheme is good...keep writing!

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