Trapped Underwater

by Passion
(Las Vegas, Nevada)



I'm trapped underwater;

and every urge to breathe or see a better me only makes it even harder.
Is a man only as strong as his temptation?

cause I'm tempted to breathe and if I shall choose to defy my self-being, I will choke on lack of determination.

but who am I to call myself a man or any different;
I am nothingness floating in amber waves at the edge of life that I was given.

so I hear before I listen and at the bottom of this ocean;
the only thing that glistens is the glare of the happiness that was stolen.

so my dentist will be the only one that can identify this unknown character;

unless the waters choose to preserve my body in its sweet Poetic death, so that the world can cherish it.

Even now as I hesitate to breathe, I'm more dead than alive;

because I refused to live my life in God's eyes, yet I built it on raw lies.

And I hope you endure the stories this dead body tells;

as I swallow fate, exhale destiny and underwater... I inhale. -Ajaye

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