by Chrystal (@chrys1003)
(Houston, TX)

“Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us” Pablo Neruda


Writhing, Rising, Falling
In a bottomless pool of constraint.
Violent waves of deep blue sadness,
Drown the blood red flames.

To cut the veins that sustain this insanity
And bleed you from my existence,
To peel away the leeches that drain me,
To be divided by more than mere distance.

The serpents, sleek and soft as silk
Weave their venom through me.
My demons, now more friend than foe
Have the power to possess me.

The days melt into months and years
As I drown in a sadness so deep
That loneliness and oblivion
Are the only company I can keep.

A child, left to fend for self
In a chaotic world of demons.
While I roam the earth in shackles and chains,
You saunter as a freeman.

Free from guilt, free from responsibility,
Free from anger, free from pain.
Free from hate, free from desperation,
Free from hurt, free from shame.

But I, I’ve been forced to carry this burden
In this hell I call my mind.
I’ve yearned to crawl from the isolation of my skin
And finally leave you behind.

But still you remain--
Etched in my bleeding heart like a cut to the skin.
You scar me, blemish me,
Make me hate the person within.

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Apr 07, 2017
Trapped NEW
by: Anonymous


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