Treasure Hunt

by Alan Balter
(Northbrook, Illinois)

Treasure Hunt

Let’s go on a treasure hunt together you and me
We’ll have great fun a while and see what we shall see
Snowflakes made of chocolate, malted milk lagoons
Technicolor stars at night, a sky with three more moons

Zoos with empty cages, all animals roaming free
People wearing furry coats paying major fees
Homeless people off the streets and pollution free breezes
And research labs finding cures for all the dread diseases

Folks who have enough to eat and water fit to drink
Good schools for children everywhere so they can learn to think
Poor people ‘round a Christmas tree with presents underneath
Like a gift for Gramma who could use some new false teeth

Defused atomic bombs buried deep beneath the sands
No destructive missiles flying off to foreign lands
Muslims living next to Jews, close friends in many ways
Free to pray as they may on their holy days

So how’d you like our treasure hunt, together you and me
We didn’t find much treasure, but perhaps you still agree
That we must keep on looking starting first thing tomorrow
‘Cause a place empty of treasure is a place filled with sorrow

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