Treasures of Twila Fae

by Esther Thornburg
(Cantril, Iowa USA)

The girlhood play of Twila Fae
Filled a notebook with what adults say

A clipping from here, a clipping from there
Saved from things the gown-ups share.

A portion from an invitation, or birthday card
A dried leaf from September's yard.

A snip of a ribbon off a gift wrap
Wording clipped from a ball player's cap

It all plants a story on the notebook page
Recording the history of childhood days

Build memories that otherwise would fade
Not important enough to make the grade.

There is a flower picture from a catalogue
The birthday page from the calendar

There's a picture from summer vacation
List of dreams from a big imagination.

It says on the front of the book
"Do not dare to take a look!"

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