Tribute To Those Slain At Sandy Hook Elementary School

by Matthew Scott Harris
(Bryn Mawr, PA, USA)

from fathers and/or mothers heart broken for
beautiful daughters and sons only thru memories they can only adore
from cleft psyche, gut-wrenching,
woefully torment searing within mind doth bore
recovery from such a loss as prized progeny
well nigh impossible chore
haunted by priceless offspring, neither surviving papa/ mama
can never courteously a jar or door
nor commiserate with eeyore
not ever again hearing soft pitter patters across the floor
mental angst now fraught with blood & gore
this haint different than g.i. Joe in battle fatigues hoar
re: skein coats brave soldiers killed without say bon jour
locked in moral combat with korps
indelibly etched in conscience bent on evoking nightmares
like an ogre per folk lore
sans once happy go lucky faces smile no more
will horror of grief abate, but continue to pour
inducing incessant screams from tigress roar
that remain in cerebral store
vis a vis an awful imp prim a tore
hammering, nailing, wrenching, et cetera phantoms
once genetic gems of yore.

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