by Nick Flayyl
(Walla Walla, Washington, USA)

TRINKET he comes to save the day, trinket king with a bunch of shit he just stole today.. all it takes is a shard an a jiggler next thing you know you have an instant diggler..and it don't matter what he steals ,, but its a plus if it has shiny wheels... a back pack full of random ass shit.. believe nothin' he has is legit.. a pack of batteries an some fishin' line ,, a bright ass flashlight an now your havin' a good time.. chargers for things you've never even seen,, just splice on a new end an now go find somethin' to clean..but wait there's more..even makin' a phone call can become less than a chore, just add a bluetooth an now your in business, but now you've sold it stole it back an sold it again, f--k there's no end to this,, f--k there's so much to do an so little time,, they call me trinket king cause if i haven't got it I'll diggle it then it's mine.....

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