True love.

by Knoa Sivan
(Everywhere, USA)

How do I Love thee??

How do I Love thee??

Inside a cell on the sea of hidden pain,
a laborious kind of celebration
A birthing awaits...

Each laborious pain more frequent and unmatched in the scope of its intensity

No imaginary abstersion of this souls bleak absolution,
So far fallen away from, and so locked inside of
stone cold affliction and the flavor of cause that comes from within the blackened mainspring of what used to be a living heart

Meanwhile, deja vu spits out the stench of my last wretched tear from the Wurlitzer slammed against my dying will in the corner, stuck on repeat

As the last thread that held me together unraveled, I realized that I'm only shattered pieces of nothing... sprinkled on the corpses of yesterday's damned.

Born again,... to be broken.

For I am loved.

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