Truest Love

by Michel Velez

    I love you so much, im screaming inside.
Im laying beside you. I see you outside.
I see you in the stars. I see you in the night.
I see you in sunsets, you live in the moonlight
   I feel you in the flowers that grow out there.
I feel you in me, in my heart somewhere.
I feel your happiness when i feel the sun.
I feel your strength when i have none.
    I love you so much, im shaking.
It really is my life you're making.
Your bottomless eyes give me hope
Your soothing voice helps me cope.
    Its you who makes me feel decent
No i haven't been feeling right recently.
But its you who loves my disaster
You replace my tears with laughter.
    I love you so much, i cant calm down
In desire for you, i flourish then drown.
Your pleasure is mine, i want it to be.
Im angry because i want you for me.
    You're the only one of you and i love that.
You're the best part of me and i know that.
You're my angel and nothing is above you
You're my truest love and i will show you

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