by Leonard Masauli
(Malawi, Central Africa)

It once had a meaning
When red roses covered my bed
Bringing Joy to its full meaning
Withholding my foot from the sand
You made me a life of green
And brought magic that I read the unwritten words

I knew of all the colors love had
At your tear drops I smelled its fragrance
At your touch my heart was healed
At your angelic voice I danced without music
Heaven was the only place I knew
You made me a queen among the wolves

As the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening
So the good day went
True I could believe it
Roses are bad because they have thorns
And thorns are good because they have roses
But my rose garden has only thorns today
All the roses are dried up, and are turning grey
You worked so hard and you have made it
Turning the world grey was all you wanted… Congrats!!!

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