Twenty Five Death Haiku

by Gay Reiser Cannon
(Port Aransas, TX)

01 She held her head high
She bore her grief with courage
Black would adorn her

02 The world is empty
Loneliness my companion
Why did you leave me?

03 Why? God and Country
Always Ask for sacrifice
From the true and best.

04 The blood pours from them
Onto the flowering fields.
Death takes the blossoms

05 In the night comes doubt--
Ahead lies an empty void,
Or new adventures?

06 He never could just wait.
Will he cultivate new friends?
Will I find him there?

07 A broken window
Seemed like a crashing message
From beyond the grave

08 When he died he sent
One crane to visit. When she
went, she sent one more.

09 A break in space/time
Things disappear/ reappear
Wonder why they go?

10 She touched so many
lives. She told so many tales.
No one understood.

11 He talks to her grave.
Why didn't he talk to her
When she was alive?

12 A land of rainbows--
Golden streets and mansions sweet
Or a silent room?

13 And what do we fear?
We fear the end of it all.
Fear not. Just change gear.

14 Where do the souls go?
Galaxies of souls shining
Like some distant stars.

15 And she would tell me--
In whispers inside my dreams,
They're expecting me.

16 All the animals
Must go to paradise too
No good without them

17 On the other side
Can I ask anyone questions?
Answers from Great Ones?

18 Across the River
Ferry me to Destiny
There awaits my Love

19 Right up to the edge
With all my senses intact
Then taking the leap

20 "I could not stop for"...
But in the end we all do.
For what exactly?

21 Can you answer this,
Hasn't this ride been thrilling ?
If not, why bother?

22 Does faith make us real?
Are we only an idea?
Will we return there?

23 My days hot summer
My nights cool starry autumn
My end deep winter

24 Ever expanding
Universe where time moves right,
There may move both ways.

25 Beyond dimensions
Death may answer some questions
Never even asked.

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