Twin Suns

by Anne Stockholm
(London, UK)

i remember the world
passing by me from both sides
lights and people were fading
as the tears drown my eyes
i remember being blinded
by what seemed like twin suns
as it charged with a fury
like a bullet from a gun

i remember the fear
when i heard that horrible voice
if the devil played with a trumpet
he would make that same noise

but as fast as it came
the assault had suddenly gone
sounds in slur delay
i felt a new kind of numb

rattled by the disarray
i studied the melee
that's when i saw the wreckage
two cars on the busy highway

i shook off the confusion
as i crossed from a corner
people around, all scrambling
for another look closer

from where i then stood
the siren lights had already coloured
the faces of those who understood
how there weren't any survivors

then all of a sudden
came a shock to my chest
one blow after the other
still another one came next

i curled to a ball
as i howled for help
but nobody ever budged
i'd been left with myself

then pounding sounds
grew louder in my head
like a heart that was beating
to the rhythm of the dead

louder and louder
until it was all that i heard
colder & colder
i lay there curled

in agony I waited
as the pounding grew softer
that's when i glanced at her
laying there, on a stretcher

a medic, frantic
stood over her side
trying and screaming,
"please don't die"

using what was left
i dragged my body nearer
in my head, over & over
"help me too, mister"

it was then that i finally saw
what no human being should
as the heartbeats grew fainter
i tried all that i could

weaker and weaker,
i fought to stay alive
before i saw a plate number
-looked exactly like mine

shattered to pieces
wrapped to a post
half of the other car
4 feet away, at most

i looked back at the man
standing over the dying girl
he shook his head twice
whilst i laid there curled

i whispered, "please
this cannot be
Mister, mister,
what about me?"

when he finally let her go,
i was already long gone
back to where i have never been
back to the dead and the done

so now, i remember the world
passing by me from both sides
lights and people were fading
as the tears drown my eyes
...i crashed my car that night

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