by Lizbeth Rivas
(Junction City, Oregon, United States)

Now here I am sitting
in the middle of
credit recovery,
Where I should be
doing nothing but studying.
Don’t mean to disrespect,
especially knowing
this class is just like an act
like when you have
too much to say
you put it at the end.
English teacher gave me homework,
can’t think of
nothing that’s an object
so I decided to write a poetic
ohhh on a Twinkie.
Maybe you’re wondering why?
I didn’t choose it cuz
it’s my favorite or cuz
I wanted a good grade.
its just that it
brings back memories.
Sitting in a bronco,
dark blue car,
music blasting in the back,
driver is drunk
but before it all happens
we're riding in the back
everything’s fine,
The person I dream of
is getting out of the seat.
I sit and wonder
what is it he needs?
I hear a stomach rumble
like a thunderstorm, and
giggling about something
that he’s found.
If you could take a guess
what would it be?
Well it was nothing but
a worthless Twinkie.
To be honest
I don’t even like them but
the way he was eating
it made it look like it was
the best food,
never seen no one eat Twinkies
with such passion.
I started laughing as
my mouth got watery.
I didn’t even taste it,
I tried to stop staring.
But ohhh did that Twinkie
sure look delicious.
Racing through the fields of grass,
sneaking out at night
so we could spend some time,
going to the river where
we saw that bear from
the Pepsi commercial,
the man singing with
an ugly voice
don’t you remember it was dedicated?
Coming to my house,
dang won't you always hungry?
having you jump on me while
watching the scary movie,
holding my hand as we walked back,
midnight having your homie
take me back home,
now we're back to where
I started trying to see
how fast he can make it to
the other town,
my heart is pounding
I’m going scared
don’t know what’s
going to happen or if
I'll make it home,
you told me to put
my seat belt on
as well as you did too,
my hand was being held tight,
I knew that you were scared too,
you kept screaming slow down
and asking to please
just take me home safe and
that on your guys way back
they can speed all they want,
lucky us got stopped by a cop,
I admit I was thankful otherwise
I wouldn’t be here right now.
Dumb kid in front with the driver
is laughing cuz he’s just
too wasted, promising he won’t
tell my daddy and checking if
the computer was fine
I didn’t even know what
he was talking about but
it sure cracked me up.
As I walk back home
I’m thinking of what
would have happened if
we hadn’t been stopped.
Now that’s not all but
I just cant keep going on,
So when I walked in Safeway
and saw those Twinkies
I laughed,
had those memories rewind
in my brain.
Ohhh them Twinkies
just bring back
so many memories.

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